This astrology site is devoted to the research of stationary planets. It has been created with the goal of bringing more attention to the importance of stationary planets, particularly in the natal chart. Stationary planets appear to have extremely strong potential and significance. As with all astrology, the stars impel, they don’t compel. Any potential may be in one’s natal chart, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that someone will use that potential, or use it to its full extent. This site is to give examples of people that have used these energies, in positive and negative ways.

What is a stationary planet? From our perspective on earth, planets are said to be in direct or retrograde motion. Direct motion means that a given planet appears to be moving forward from our viewing perspective. As planets appear to slow down, before they go into retrograde motion, they appear to be stationary. The example often given is sitting in a train or car and seeing another train pass, but before it passes it can appear as though it’s still because if it’s moving the same speed you cannot see that it’s motion. A planet that is stationary before going retrograde is said to be Stationary Retrograde, and as it leaves the retrograde phase back to direct, that phase is called Stationary Direct. A planet’s subtle energy is at it’s greatest influence during these stationary phases.

Martin: In the list of priorities you gave me last class, you said that a stationary planet is the most powerful condition a planet can have.

James: That’s right. In my opinion, it is.”

– The Art and Practice of Ancient Hindu Astrology, James Braha, p. 131.

If you see a stationary planet in a chart, it can be strong enough to be considered the ruler of the chart.

James: I want to say one more thing about stationary planets before we move o to Sade Sati. Sometimes a person has a very average, or even weak, horoscope that happens to contain a stationary planet. If the person doesn’t have the confidence to use his or her intense abilities signified by the stationary planet, it can almost become a curse.

Martin: How  so?

James: In some cases, the person has a tremendous ability that he or she can’t or won’t use because of self-esteem problems, or emotional baggage from a dysfunctional childhood, or God-knows-what. There’s nothing terrible about having an ability and not using it, but when a planet is stationary it usually signifies extreme talent, and if a person has extreme talent and doesn’t use it, the end result is depression.”

– The Art and Practice of Ancient Hindu Astrology, James Braha, p. 157-158.

You can find stationary planets by entering birth data at; stationary planets will not be indicated on the main chart drawing, you need to click “Additional Tables (PDF)” and see if there is an Sd (stationary direct) or Sr (stationary retrograde) next to any planet or planets. If you have a correct birth time, you can see which house the planet(s) are in as well, which will have greater significance than the other planets that are not stationary.